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Skinny Bitch

This is one of the Top 200 Books ever written! Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin say what we all need to know with such a bitter sweet tongue. I read Skinny Bitch while flying from North Carolina to Seattle, The book had a profound effect on me. I ate sour cream made with pasteurized milk and immediately vomited. Hahaaahahaa I am a health food freak who gave up soy milk as advised by my Ayurvedic doc. This book made me think a lot and reminded me that India is a cattle loving place, unlike Americans they adore buy raw cow milk and boil (pricey) or return to soy. I returned to soy. This guide made me want to eat better, live better, be prettier from the inside out. These two authors also have a follow up that I have yet to read. It's called> Skinny Bitch in the kitchen.

READ and share your thoughts.......Cheers!

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What a Lovely Blemish

I have made myself crazy for years searching for a perfect cure all for pimples. Product whore that I am, I’ve burned, dried, killed my skin, wasted money, made an asprin mask,used toothpaste, held my face under ice water, ordered pro activ, made trips to a cranky skin doc and even rubbed urine (my own, of course!) on my face.

This is what works>

  • French Green Clay
  • Neosporin
  • Burt Bee’s Blemish oils
  • Murad Sulfur treatment Gel
  • Hold ice cube on area 2-6 minutes twice a day

  Have a beautiful skin day………get a facial. (if your concerned with cost the Aveda students are amazing!)

  I would love to hear your solutions……….comment if you wish!