Buried Where?

This is a list of several graves I would love to visit and photograph. Unfortunately, a few of my interest have been cremated. I am surprised at a few of the locations.

Chris Farley’s body is at Resurrection Cemetery, Madison, Wisconsin

Heath Ledger has been cremated at Fremantle Cemetery, Australia

Anna Nicole Smith is buried at Lakeview Memorial Gardens, Nassau, the Bahamas

Jim Morrison’s body is at Le Pere Lachaise, Paris, France

Freddie Mercury has been cremated

Sylvia Plath’s body is buried at Heptonstall Churchyard, Heponstall, Yorkshire, England (BBC has great 360 degree footage of this beautiful place)

John Lennon was cremated in New York City

Bruce lee & Brandon Lee are buried together at Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, Washington

Stanley Kubrick rests at Childwickbury Manor in Hertfordshire, just north of London

Andy Kaufman is buried at Beth David Cemetery, Elmont (Long Island), New York

Steve Irwin has a top secret location at Australia Zoo, Beerwah, Queensland

Katharine Hepburn’s pretty bones are at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut

Jimi Hendrix is buried at Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, Washington

James Dean’s body is at Park Cemetery, Fairmont, Indiana

Kurt Cobain was cremated, ashes scattered in Wishkah River, Washington

Johnny Cash rests at Hendersonville Memory Park, Hendersonville, Tennessee

Charlie Chaplin is buried at Corsier-Sur-Vevey Cemetery, Corsier-Sur-Vevey, Switzerland

Aaliyah is at Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum, Hartsdale, New York


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  1. July 8, 2010 at 12:53 am

    Good Evening –

    These are my memories of Mr. Hendrix.



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