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Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis 3

Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three is an album by the Rollins Band. The album consists of covers of Black Flag songs by the Rollins Band, with vocalists from various well-known rock, punk and metal bands (as well as certain members of Black Flag) singing. All money raised from sales of the album are donated to the legal funds of the West Memphis Three.

Track listing

   1. Rise Above – Chuck D & Henry Rollins
   2. Nervous Breakdown – Keith Morris
   3. Fix Me – Iggy Pop
   4. American Waste – Neil Fallon of Clutch
   5. I’ve Had it – Cedric Bixler Zavala of The Mars Volta
   6. I’ve Heard It Before – Jeffrey Moreira of Poison the Well
   7. Room 13 – Corey Taylor of Slipknot
   8. Wasted – Exene Cervenka of X
   9. Jealous Again – Nick Oliveri of Queens of the Stone Age
  10. TV Party – Henry Rollins
  11. No Values – Hank Williams III
  12. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie – Dean Ween of Ween
  13. Depression – Casey Chaos of Amen
  14. Six Pack – Mike Patton
  15. Police Story – Ice T
  16. Revenge – Tom Araya of Slayer
  17. Thirsty & Miserable – Lemmy of Motorhead
  18. What I See – Chuck Dukowski of Black Flag
  19. No More – Tim Armstrong & Lars Frederiksen of Rancid
  20. Black Coffee – Henry Rollins
  21. Slip It In – Henry Rollins & Inger Lorre
  22. Annihilate This Week – Henry Rollins & Kira Roessler
  23. My War – Henry Rollins
  24. Nervous Breakdown – Ryan Adams (Bonus Track)

I got this from… somewhere! It’s only in 128kpbs unfortunately. However, it’s a very good album. For some reason, it’s not available for download from Henry Rollins’ website. Hence this upload. Enjoy!

Support Hank!



West Mempis 3

Free the Memphis Three, the court case in which a teenager was convicted of a murder due to his pagan reading habits and a penchant for heavy metal. HBO did an awesome documentary called Paradise lost 1 & 2, if you are not up to date. I’m really rooting for these guys to get out of prison. They do not belong there. Judge David Burnett has set aside 9.18.08 Thur 10.8.08 to hear new evidence in all three cases and review petitions for Jason and Jessie.  Want to know how to help…

Check out

“Shortly after three eight-year-old boys were found mutilated and murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, local newspapers stated the killers had been caught. The police assured the public that the three teenagers in custody were definitely responsible for these horrible crimes. Evidence?

The same police officers coerced an error-filled “confession” from Jessie Misskelley Jr., who is mentally handicapped. They subjected him to 12 hours of questioning without counsel or parental consent, audio-taping only two fragments totaling 46 minutes. Jessie recanted it that evening, but it was too late— Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols were all arrested on June 3, 1993, and convicted of murder in early 1994.

Although there was no physical evidence, murder weapon, motive, or connection to the victims, the prosecution pathetically resorted to presenting black hair and clothing, heavy metal t-shirts, and Stephen King novels as proof that the boys were sacrificed in a satanic cult ritual. Unfathomably, Echols was sentenced to death, Baldwin received life without parole, and Misskelley got life plus 40.

For over 14 years, The West Memphis Three have been imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit. Echols waits in solitary confinement for the lethal injection our tax dollars will pay for. They were all condemned by their poverty, incompetent defense, satanic panic and a rush to judgment.”












Patti Smith’s Photography at Fondation Cartier Paris

FONDATION CARTIER pour l’art contemporain
261, boulevard Raspail 75014 Paris
Tél. 01 42 18 56 50 / Fax 01 42 18 56 52
Open from tuesdays to sundays, from 11am to 8pm.
Late nights on tuesdays to 10pm.


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Photo’s from the book “Life With my Sister Madonna”


Best Mugshots

Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft was arrested in New Mexico 1977. Look at that smile!


Hugh Grant was arrested June 27, 1995 for his solicitation of Divine Brown’s oral services.

Rapper 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) was photographed in August 1994 while serving time in a New York State Department of Correctional Services shock incarceration program. 50, then 19, had pleaded guilty to felony charges of peddling heroin and crack cocaine.

Anna Nicole Smith was arrested in 1989 in Houston, Texas for driving under the influence.

In August 1993, Snoop Doggy Dogg was arrested as an accomplice in the murder of Phillip Woldermarian. Snoop’s bodyguard, McKinley Lee, shot Woldermarian as Snoop drove the vehicle. The two claimed self-defense, claiming Woldermarian was stalking Snoop. Snoop was cleared of all charges in February 1996 with the help of his lawyer, Johnny Cochran, one of O.J. Simpson’s lawyers


Steve-O was arrested in August 2002 in Louisiana for a stunt during a nightclub performance where he stapled his scrotum to his thigh and in the process exposed himself.

He was charged with obscenity and accessory to second-degree battery in another incident that involved a bouncer in the club ramming the head of one of the patrons into the bar. In a plea agreement, he received a year’s probation and was forbidden to perform in Terrebonne Parish.


On April 19, 2005, comedian Chris Tucker was arrested in McDuffie County, Georgia for reckless driving and fleeing to elude after he did not pull over immediately. Sheriffs claimed he was driving 109 mph on Interstate 20 in his 2005 Bentley Continental GT. Tucker claimed he was in a hurry because he was late for church.

Gus Van Sant, a director, photographer, musician, and author, was arrested in Portland, Oregon in December 2006 and charged with drunk driving.
Scott Weiland, who was the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, was arrested by Las Vegas police in November 2001 and charged with spousal abuse after the two got into an argument over prescription drugs. He pled guilty in December 2001 and was sentenced to probation and paid a fine.
December 13, 2003, Jack White was at The Magic Stick, a Detroit club. He got into a fight with Jason Stollsteimer, lead singer of the Von Bondies. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault. He pleaded guilty, was fined $500 in court costs, and was sentenced to take anger management courses.

 “Baywatch” star Yasmine Bleeth was arrested in September 2001 by Michigan police and charged with cocaine possession. Shepled guilty to one criminal count and was sentenced in January 2002 to two years probation and 100 hours of community service.

 Christian Slater was arrested at New York’s JFK airport in December 1994. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon. he had a gun.


 Kumari Fullbright got busted for kidnapping her ex, tying him up, biting him. She had various weapons all over the place. He finally escaped.

In 1972, Jagger, Keith Richards and three others were arrested on charges of assault and obstructing justice after getting into a brawl with a photographer. The group pleaded guilty, were released, and the charges dropped.

and the best for last…….Lil Kim


Olympic Fever

Remember these Olympic history makers?  I must admit. I have Olympic fever and in that spirit I wanted to share some three of my favorite winners.

Dutch track star Fanny Blankers-Koen took home four gold medals at the London Summer Olympics in 1948. I love the shorts.

Wilma Rudolph is the 20th of 22 children and a Tennessee native. She had polio as a child.  Rudolph scored three gold medals at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome with a sprained ankle!

At 14 Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci captured 5 gold medals at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Her routine on the uneven bars earned an unprecedented 10.0. Ironically, the scoreboard was unequipped to handle a perfect score, so her marks showed up as a 1.0.