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2006 Mert Alessi & Marcus Piggott Doll

I want this doll.


Britney, Nicole and Paris in Courtroom

Britney, Nicole and Paris at the courthouse.

Courtroom illustrations by Mona Shaefer Edwards.

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mert alas & marcus piggott

When it comes to fashion photography, these two have it.

Just look at what they did to Gwen Stefani!


Casey Anthony: Official Police Statement

Click to read her words. This is from the Discovery Files. Copy of original.


DARK POP-New Show at Last Rites Gallery, NYC

Last Rites Gallery and guest curator Andrew Michael Ford (director of Ad Hoc Art, curator of Deep Pop) have decided to find out what several of today’s brightest art stars are capable of when asked to create ONE piece of what could be considered truly ‘dark art’. Many artists find themselves in a nice groove of creating a certain mood or emotion through their work and have, understandably, become quite comfortable following this path in their art-making. We were curious, however, what would happen if things were to get a little uncomfortable, as the artists challenged themselves to search through new or buried feelings and emotions, the kind which might find their place on the ‘darker’ side of the    artistic spectrum.
With that in mind, Last Rites Gallery and guest curator Andrew Michael Ford proudly present “Dark Pop”: A collection of truly ‘dark art’ from an incredibly talented and diverse group of artists who would normally never get anywhere near this stuff! The results, we believe, are nothing short of astounding!
Participating artists include:
Ron English, Gary Taxali, Isabel Samaras, Esao Andrews, Kozyndan, Sarah Joncas, Camilla d’Errico, Lisa Alisa, Gaia, Chris Stain, D’holbachie, Jeff McMillan, Tessar Lo, Gilbert Oh, Pagan, Peripheral Media Projects, Nicole Steen, Imminent Disaster, David MacDowell, The Dirty Fabulous, Connie Wang, Jaeran Won, Ewelina Ferruso and more!
Exhibit runs September 6th through October 11th, 2008

For more information, visit: http://www. lastritesgallery. com

Last Rites Gallery is located at 511 W.
33rd Street, NYC
Telephone: (212)529.0666


Casey Anthony may have a Loophole

Yes, there is a loophole according to wftv


A loophole could allow Caylee Anthony’s mother to beat the system.

She’s still only facing charges of child neglect and giving false statements.

If her attorney asks for a speedy trial, they could be the only charges she ever faces.

Florida law prohibits a person from being tried on more serious charges at a later date if the person stands trial for something that’s related.

“If you lose a kid and that results in a child’s death, that’s one and the same case, because those are manslaughter charges,” said board-certified trial attorney Richard Hornsby.

If Casey was found guilty of child neglect, she would only serve up to five years in prison versus a maximum of life for murder.


Casey Anthony Official Myspace: Diary of Days


Casey Anthony calls from Jail: transcripts


CASEY ANTHONY: How`s everything going? I know we got cut off yesterday. I didn`t get a chance to call you back.

LEE ANTHONY: That`s OK. Everything`s fine, just trying to meet and talk with, you know, as many people as possible right now.


LEE ANTHONY: So you know, how is the — that letter been?

CASEY ANTHONY: Well, when I get a chance to actually write a little bit more, I should be able to do that within the next little bit, since I have some, I guess, quote, “rec time.”






CASEY ANTHONY: How are you?

LEE ANTHONY: I`m OK. How are you?

CASEY ANTHONY: I`m doing all right. I just tried to call the house a couple of times, but the line was busy the first time, and then the other two times, it just rang and then I got the voice-mail. So I mean, initially, I thought somebody was home, but Mom probably doesn`t pick up the phone (INAUDIBLE)

LEE ANTHONY: To my knowledge, they weren`t — they weren`t home at all today.




LEE ANTHONY: Do you have anything that you can, you know, tell me, you know, that would help, you know…

CASEY ANTHONY: There`s nothing I can think of at the moment. I`m going to actually try to get something together, you know, today so I can write a couple letters…


CASEY ANTHONY: … to the family. I`m even going to give Jose some stuff to see if you guys get that directly, but still put out my own specifics. So if anything happens, if there`s any lapse, you still will get what I`m trying to put across to you.



LEE ANTHONY: I know you`re going to meet with, you know, the investigators and everything. You know, is there anything specifically the details that you want to clarify to me now, so when I`m following up on my own leads and my own information, putting this stuff together, you know, that I can start working on it now?

CASEY ANTHONY: At the moment, there`s nothing specific, or nothing that, you know, should probably be said here. Again, I`ll put something together before I see Jose, or when I see Jose, and you know, make sure that I have something also to put out.


CASEY ANTHONY: So that way, you can get everything.




LEE ANTHONY: Just remember that if you give it to the attorney, (INAUDIBLE) can choose whether or not…

CASEY ANTHONY: (INAUDIBLE) choose whether or not to take the chance, exactly, which is why I`ll do a secondary letter to make sure that it`s direct.

LEE ANTHONY: Perfect. That would be — I would encourage that 110 percent.






CASEY ANTHONY: How`s everything going?

LEE ANTHONY: It`s going OK. How`s everything going with you?

CASEY ANTHONY: Good. Just took a shower. Figured I`d call and check in and say hi, since I got a chance to see Mom and Dad this morning.




Casey Anthony Jail Phone (1st) call Transcript

This is the full 13-minute phone call Casey Anthony, made to her family on July 16 from the Orange County Jail. First she talked with her mother, Cindy, then her brother, Lee, then her friend, Kristina Chester.

Cindy: Hello?

Recording: hello this is a free call from Casey, an imate from the Orange County Corrections Center. For a rate quote press 7. To accept this free call press 0. This call is subject to monitoring and recording. Thank you for using Global Tell Link. Cindy: Casey?

Casey: Mom. .

Cindy: Hey sweetie.

Casey: Well I just saw your nice little cameo on TV.

Cindy: Which one?

Casey: What do you mean which one?

Cindy: Which one? I did four different ones, and I don’t know, I haven’t seen them all. I’ve only seen one or two so far.

Casey: You don’t know what my involvement is and stuff?

Cindy: Casey.

Casey: Mom.

Cindy: What?

Casey: No.

Cindy: I don’t know what your involvement is, sweetheart. You’re not telling me where she’s at.

Casey: Because I don’t ****ing know where she’s at. Are you kidding me?

Cindy: Casey, don’t waste your call

Casey: No

Cindy: To scream and holler at me.

Casey: What is my call sitting in, oh, the jail. (inaudible)

Cindy: Who’s fault is, who’s fault is you sitting in the jail? You’re blaming me that you’re sitting in the jail? Blame yourself for telling lies.

Casey: It’s not my fault.

Cindy: You mean it’s not your fault? What do you mean it’s not your fault, sweetheart? If you’d have told ‘em the truth, and not lied about everything, they wouldn’t …

Casey: Do me a favor. Just tell me what Tony’s number is. I don’t want to talk with you right now. Forget it.

Cindy: I don’t have his number.

Casey: Um, well get it from Lee because I know Lee’s at the house. I saw Mallory’s car was out front. It was just on the news. They were just live outside the house.

Cindy: I know they were.

Casey: Well

Cindy: Well?

Casey: Can you get Tony’s number for me so I can call him?

(Long Pause)

Cindy: ((in the background) I’m not talking to her. (Inaudible)

Lee: Hey.

Casey: Hey, can you give me Tony’s number?

Lee: I, huh. I can do that. I don’t know what real good it’s going to do you at this point.

Casey: Well I’d like to talk to him anyway.

Lee: OK

Casey: Because I called to my mother and it, it’s a ****ing waste. Oh by the way, I don’t want any of you coming up here when I have my, my first hearing for bond and everything else. Like don’t even ****ing waste your time coming up here.

Lee: You know you’re having a real tough, you’re making it real tough for anybody to want to try to even assist you with giving you somebody’s phone number.

Casey: See that’s just it. Every single ..

Lee: You’re not even letting me finish.

Casey: well that’s because …

Lee: I really…

Casey: Go ahead.

Lee: you’re asking me, first you’re asking me for Tony’s phone number so you can call him. And then you immediately want to start pressing towards me and saying ‘don’t’ even worry about coming up here for all this stuff, and trying to cut us out. What ..

Casey: I’m not trying to cut anybody out.

Lee: I’m not going around and around with you. You know that’s pretty pointless. I’m not going to go through, I’m not going to put everybody else through the same stuff you’ve been putting the police and everybody else though for the last 24 hours, and the stuff you’ve been putting mom through for the last four or five weeks. I’m done with that. So you can tell me what’s going on. Christina would love to talk to you because she thinks that you will tell her what’s going on. Frankly we’re going to find out. Something, whatever’s going on, it’s gonna be found out. So why not do it now and save yourself from this …

Casey: There’s nothing to find out. There’s absolutely nothing to find out. Not even what I told the detectives.

Lee: well, you know, everything you’re telling is a lie.

Casey: I have no clue where Caylee is. If I knew where Caylee was, do you think any of this would be happening? No.

Lee: Anyway, you only got a couple of minutes with us so I’m not going to let you completely waste it. Here’s Christina. She thinks she can get through to you.

Casey: No. No, I want Tony’s number. I’m not talking to anybody else.

Christina: Hello?

Casey: Hi. I’m glad everybody’s at my house. I’ll have to call you later, or I’ll have to call somebody to get your number. Do me a favor. Get my brother back because I need Tony’s number.

Christina: Ok, um, is there anything I can do for you?

Casey: I’m sitting in jail. There’s nothing anybody can do right now.

Christina: Well I’m just trying to be ….

Casey: Oh I know you are honey. I absolutely know that you are, and I appreciate everything that you’re trying to do. But I’d like to call Tony. He’s not at my house, is he?

Christina: No.

Casey: Ok.

Christina: No, it’s just me and your parents and Lee.

Casey: OK. Well can you do me a favor and get my brother back or get the number from him, please?

Christina: Um, does Tony have anything to do with Caylee?

Casey: No. Nothing.

Christina: Ok, so why do you want to talk to Tony?

Casey: I ….

Christina: You probably don’t want to tell me, do you?

Casey: Huh?

Christina: You probably don’t want to tell me, do you?

Casey: What are you, I didn’t hear what you said.

Christina: I said does Tony have anything to do with Caylee?

Casey: No, Tony has nothing to do with Caylee.

Christina: Oh, so why do you want to talk to him? You probably don’t want to tell me.

Casey: Because he’s my boyfriend, and I want to actually try to sit and talk to him because I didn’t get a chance to talk to him earlier. Because I got arrested on a ****ing whim today. Because they’re blaming me for stuff that I never would do. That I didn’t do.

Christina: OK. Well I’m on nobody, I’m on your side. You know that, right?

Casey: Oh honey I know that. I just want to talk to Tony, get a little bit of …

Christina: Casey, you have to tell me if you know anything about Caylee.

Casey: Sweetheart, if I ….

Christina: If anything happens to Caylee, Casey, I’ll die. Do you understand? I’ll die if anything happens to that baby.

Casey: Oh, wow. Oh my god, calling you guys, a waste, huge waste. Honey, I love you. You know I would not let anything happen to my daughter. If I knew where she was, this wouldn’t be going on.

Christina: Well how come everybody’s saying you’re lying?

Casey: Because nobody’s ****ing listening to anything that I’m saying. The media completely misconstrued everything that I said. The ****ing detectives told them ****ing bull****. They got all their information from me. Yet at the same time they’re twisting stuff. They’ve already said they’re going to pin this on me if they don’t find Caylee. They’ve already said that.

Christina: Well…

Casey: They arrested me because they said that ….

Christina: Yeah, because they said that the person that you dropped Caylee with doesn’t even exist.

Casey: Because, oh look, they can’t find her in the Florida database. She’s not just from Florida. If they would actually listen to anything that I would have said to them, they would have had their lead. They maybe could have tracked her down. They haven’t listened to a ****ing thing that I’ve said.

Christina: Do you know that that whoever has Caylee, nobody’s going to get away with this. Nobody.

Casey: I know nobody’s going to get away with it. But at the same time, the only way they’re going to find Caylee is if they actually listen to what I’m saying, and I’m trying to help them, and they’re not letting me help them.

Christina: Well how can I help them find her? The best thing you can do baby is listen to me.

Casey: They need to look up her information in a New York database. In a North Carolina database. Other places that she’s lived outside of Florida. That’s what I told them, even again today. I told them that four times today. I sat up at the police station. Up at the county police station for four hours.

Christina: Is she the one who has Caylee or she’s transferred Caylee to somebody else? Because her name has been.
Casey: Honey, I haven’t talked to her. I don’t know. I haven’t talked to her.

Christina: How come everybody’s saying that you’re not upset, that you’re not crying, that you showed no emotion, no caring of where Caylee is at all?
Casey: Because I’m not sitting here ****ing crying every two seconds. Because I have to stay composed to talk to detectives, to make other phone calls, to do other things. I can’t sit here and be crying every two seconds like I want to. I can’t.

Christina: OK. Casey don’t yell at me. I’m on your side.

Casey: I know you’re not.

Christina: Trust me.

Casey: I know you’re on my side. I’m not trying to yell at you.

Christina: Nobody is trying to say anything bad about you. Your family is with you 100 percent.
Casey: No you’re not. That’s bulls**t. Because I just watched the ****ing news and heard everything that my mom said. Nobody in my own family is on my side.

Christina: Yes they are. Nobody has said…

Casey: They just want Caylee back. That’s all they’re worried about right now is getting Caylee back. And you know what? That’s all I care about right now.

Christina: Casey your daughter, ((Casey in background inaudible)) your brought your baby girl…

Casey: Christina please put my brother back on the phone. I don’t want to get into this with you right now. I love you honey and I’m glad that you’re there, thank you for your help. I will let you know if there is anything that you can do.

Christina: You can’t tell me anybody that can find Caylee? Nobody?

Casey: No. Because every number that I’ve tried, every number that I’ve called is disconnected. Nothing. I can’t get a hold of anybody.

Christina: But that that girl was the last person to have her?

Casey: She was the last person to have her. That was the last time I saw Caylee.

Christina: OK. Umm he doesn’t, Lee say’s he doesn’t have Tony’s phone number.

Casey: Yes he does. He has Tony’s phone number on his phone. He needs to stop f***ing lying. He just told me a second ago that he’d give me the number.

Christina: So if I go and I get you Tony’s number, are you gonna finish talking to me?

Casey: I, I will call you tomorrow. I want to talk to him really quick now. I want to actually close my eyes. I haven’t slept in four days. I have not slept in four days.

Christina: Listen if you’re going to talk to anybody, you can talk to me. And you know that.

Casey: I know I can talk to you. But at the same time, I know I can talk to Tony and that’s who I wanna talk to right now. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him since this morning. Since all this stuff happened with trying to set up some myspace. I made the myspace. And the facebook.

Christina: Do you know the password to that myspace?

Casey: I made all of it.

Christina: What’s the password to that myspace so we can see if anybody has written any leads of where Caylee might be?

Casey: You can go online and see it. As far as messages, I don’t know if anybody’s gonna be messaging stuff.

(Casey gives Christina a password and login)

Cindy: Hold on. Hold on one second.

Christina: Hold on one second.

Lee: Hold on one second for me.

Christina: OK, Tony’s number

Casey: Yeah

Christina: You’re ready?

Casey: uh huh

(Christina gives Casey a phone number)

Christina: Can Tony tell me anything?

Casey: Baby, Tony doesn’t know anything. And I haven’t even talked to him since this morning.

Christina: Has Tony seen Caylee?

Casey: Tony hasn’t seen Caylee since the beginning of June. What was the number again?

(Christina gives Casey a number)

Casey: OK thank you. I will find a way to call you back later. Leave your number at my house with my mom. So I can get it and I can either call you later tonight.

Christina: How can I get a hold of you?

Casey: I’m at the jail, you can’t.

Christina: OK, can you do you have a way to write my phone number down.

Casey: No I have no way of writing it down. I have to remember Tony’s number. (repeats number) I have to try to memorize his number right now.

Christina: OK. So.

Casey: No I will. Just leave your number with my mom and I will try to call you in the morning if I don’t get a chance to call you tonight.

Christina: So how can I find out information about that girl?

Casey: Have, have them

Christina: Is she in Florida or?

Casey: Have them look up a New York license for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. They’ve just been looking up the last name Gonzalez or the last name Fernandez. If they’d looked up her entire name, they might actually find her. They haven’t done that. They haven’t listened to anything that I’ve said.

Christina: How do you spell Zenaida?

Casey: Z-E-N-A-I-D-A

Christina: Fernandez?

Casey: hyphen Gonzalez.

Christina: hyphen Gon, Gonzalez. Where does she live? Because they went and looked at her place

Casey: Cuz she, baby you’re not telling me anything that I don’t already know. Again, I’ve only been in jail since oh about 8:30 tonight. I was with them all day today. I know that. I was with officers pretty much since 9 o’clock last night. Up until today. Like up until this evening when I came up here.
Christina: But you’re telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Cuz they’ll find

Casey: I have no clue where my daughter is? Yeah that is the truth. That is the absolute truth.

Christina: They’ll find out and whoever ha

Casey: OK Christina, I’m hanging up. I need to make this other call before I forget the number. I will call you later.

Christina: OK.

Casey: Bye.


Art Kane: Visionary Portraits 1958 to 1968

Art Kane: Visionary Portraits 1958 to 1968 exhibit ran from January 12th to April 19, 2008 in England.

Andy Warhol once said this about Art Kane:

I think of Art Kane as being strong, say, like a pumpkin sun in a blue sky. Like the sun Art beams his eye straight at the subject and what he sees, he pictures- and it’s usually a dramatic interpretation of personality.