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DARK POP-New Show at Last Rites Gallery, NYC

Last Rites Gallery and guest curator Andrew Michael Ford (director of Ad Hoc Art, curator of Deep Pop) have decided to find out what several of today’s brightest art stars are capable of when asked to create ONE piece of what could be considered truly ‘dark art’. Many artists find themselves in a nice groove of creating a certain mood or emotion through their work and have, understandably, become quite comfortable following this path in their art-making. We were curious, however, what would happen if things were to get a little uncomfortable, as the artists challenged themselves to search through new or buried feelings and emotions, the kind which might find their place on the ‘darker’ side of the    artistic spectrum.
With that in mind, Last Rites Gallery and guest curator Andrew Michael Ford proudly present “Dark Pop”: A collection of truly ‘dark art’ from an incredibly talented and diverse group of artists who would normally never get anywhere near this stuff! The results, we believe, are nothing short of astounding!
Participating artists include:
Ron English, Gary Taxali, Isabel Samaras, Esao Andrews, Kozyndan, Sarah Joncas, Camilla d’Errico, Lisa Alisa, Gaia, Chris Stain, D’holbachie, Jeff McMillan, Tessar Lo, Gilbert Oh, Pagan, Peripheral Media Projects, Nicole Steen, Imminent Disaster, David MacDowell, The Dirty Fabulous, Connie Wang, Jaeran Won, Ewelina Ferruso and more!
Exhibit runs September 6th through October 11th, 2008

For more information, visit: http://www. lastritesgallery. com

Last Rites Gallery is located at 511 W.
33rd Street, NYC
Telephone: (212)529.0666