Witness List: Name by Name, Against Casey Anthony

Sgt. John Allen, Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Karen Angel, Dora Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Mount Dora, where Casey Anthony’s grandfather lived.

Cynthia Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother, Caylee Anthony’s grandmother

George Anthony
, Casey Anthony’s father, Caylee Anthony’s grandfather.

Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony’s brother.

Deputy Charity R. Beasley, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Gerardo Bloise, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Rosanna Bonilla

Simon Burch, works at wrecker company that towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Brian Burner
, neighbor of Cindy and George Anthony who loaned shovel to Casey Anthony.

Deputy Sandra G. Cawn, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Ann Marie Chase

Kristina Chester, friend of Casey Anthony.

David D. Clarke, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Danny Colamarino, works at tattoo parlor that Casey Anthony visited.

Dee Crawford, Event Imaging Solutions Group.

Matthew Crisp

Kiomarie Cruz

Jonathan Daly, Works at tattoo parlor that Casey Antony visited.

Kelly Deguzman, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Tanya DePalmo, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Annie Dowling

Deputy Ryan Eberlin, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Eric Edwards, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Rendon Fletcher, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Jason Forgey
, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas Galaida, Tom’s Auto Repair.

Harry Garcia, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Rich Garrad, Carlson Restaurants, Texas.

Zenaida Gonzalez, woman whose name Casey Anthony used as Caylee’s nanny.

Jessie Grund, Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend.

Mark Hawkins, friend of Casey Anthony.

Deputy Susan Hempfield, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Jeffrey Hopkins II, identified in police report as former high school classmate of Casey Anthony who ran into her in late June.

Jeffrey and Melissa Hopkins, Jeffrey II’s parents.

Reginald Hosey, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Roy House

Amy Huizenga, friend of Casey Anthony.

Sgt. Matthew Irwin, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Michael Kispert, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Maria Kissh

Anthony Lazzaro, recently Casey Anthony’s boyfriend.

Ricardo Lee, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Anne Lennington, from nursing home where Casey Anthony’s father was.

Nicole Lett, from wrecker company that towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Dannielle Lucey-Austin

Amanda Macklin, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Tom Manderville, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Peter Marino, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Awilda McBryde, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Joy McCabe, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

William McCoy, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Samara Melich, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Yuri Melich, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Officer William Moore, Orlando Police Department.

Ricardo Morales, dated Casey Anthony.

Custodian of 911 Calls, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Custodian of Records of Johnson’s Wrecker Service, which towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Custodian of Records of AT&T Wireless.

Ryan Pasley

Shirley Plesea

Melissa Remy, FDLE

Gary Ridgeway, Johnson’s Wrecker, which towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Pedro Rivera, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Kari Roderick, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Dante Salah

Deputy Michael Salamat, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Katherine Sanchez, Amscot

Nicole Schieber, Johnson’s Wrecker, which towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Deputy Michael Seagraves, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Renee Simpson, Valencia Community College.

Dianne Tighe, Colorvision

Dave Turner, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Leonard Turtora, where Casey Anthony said she worked.

Michael Vincent, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Appling Wells, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Jerold White, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Lance White

Bobby Lee Williams

Deputy Ryan Williams
, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

7 Responses to “Witness List: Name by Name, Against Casey Anthony”

  1. June 5, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    The info is incredibly exciting.

  2. 2 dean
    April 27, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    Well, this Anthony saga sure is a mess but here is what appears to shake out of it.
    Casey, in her haste and selfishness, likely and accidently killed her daughter chemically.
    However, the impact of her mother, who also appears to be selfish and somewhat evil at times, just has to be considered when looking at Casey’s mental stability. Also likely, is that Casey was guilted (and I think perhaps in a big selfish way) by Cindy into having Caylee when Casey simply wasn’t ready for a child or in growing up that quickly. As a result, she likely felt short changed in the “living a little” stage of her life due to the pregnacy. Caylee became a burden and her mothers pressure to be satisfied just being a mature mother pushed her beyond her longing to enjoy life first, like most people her age. Although a very bad decision, she devised a way to satify both herself and her mother
    simultaneously, chloriform. Her babysitter and what mother didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her in respect to Caylee and Casey’s desire to live life as she so wanted to. I am sure she did not intend to kill Caylee. It just happend. Then she panicked and we have all heard the rest of the story via CNN. This girl should not be tried in the media. The true merits should take precedent. Some form of manslaughter is likely a fitting charge, but not murder. Remember the mother, her pressure, her apparent controlling and deceptive personality.

  3. 3 chris
    March 28, 2009 at 3:43 am

    Are there any experts on psychopaths out there who can explain WHY this happened? How did this girl become so callous, was it nurture (how she was raised) or nature (how her brain developed in the womb)? Is it possible to prevent this personlaity disorder from happening? Also, how do you recognize psychopathy in someone you just met? If these are stupid questions please excuse my ignorance–but we need to know these things. So, it anyone knows, please inform those who do not.

  4. 4 leslie gomez
    March 26, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    oh and event tho the cops dont have my name on that list im also against casey anthony!

  5. 5 leslie gomez
    March 26, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    it think casey should burn in hell. no matter if they say its accidental, it will never be accidental. the reason my poor baby caylee is dead is because of caseys stupid jelousy. the reason she made that chloroform is because she didnt have any one to watch caylee, and why didnt she have anyone to watch her?…because she was being an ass trying to separate caylee from cindy because the baby loved grandma and grandma loved the baby more than casey!…shes a dumb b!tch who could of herself prevented this whole situation. the reason i hate her soooooo much is because i myself am a mother, except i am a mom of 2 babies. she thinks she was young?!?!?! try my situation i just turned 18 and she had casey at 20… that girl knows notjhing of what she speaks of…not even i -who juggles: school, motherhood, and even being a mom to my sister since i was 13- have ever thought about putting my children to sleep with some drug. and if i knew i was a party girl i would stayed at my moms house because obviously she was gonna watch her whether she wanted to or not at leat the baby wouldnt of died!!! i dont know her but the hatred i have towards her is enough to ruin her life more than she has already done to herself and my beautiful little angel. atleast shes not suffering the hatred of her mom….but still grama and granpa loved her like she was their own. and if casey some how ever reads this….I HATE YOU!!! and if you ever get out…you wont have peace!…

    _msrf >:p

    December 16, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    I am wondering why isn’t Sarah Van Orden on that list I am very very concerned I don’t know her but the mom should burn in hell!

    – Casey Anothy’s worst nightmare

  7. 7 Sharon
    October 11, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    I am wondering how come Anthony Padilla is not on this list. He seems to have LOTS of information!

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