New Orleans Casey Anthony Voodoo Dolls » New Orleans Casey Anthony Voodoo Doll #1

Made by a New Orleans Artist, this Casey Anthony Voodoo Doll was first in production. Numbered 0001 for authenticity, and signed by artist, it enables you to wish what you desire! Doll is accompanied by handcuffs, Holy Bible and those famous White Sunglasses.

Voodoo is a form of spiritual practice, which is intended to bring comfort to those who feel helpless, in any given situtaion. The dolls have been blessed in order to enhance your wishes, and the rest of the simple instructions accompany the doll. Often in life, occurrences bring overwhelming emotion, and these dolls are created with the idea of easing emotion. The dolls bring a feeling of control to the needed individual, and in using them, one is not only freed of strong emotion, but filled with some feeling of power over a situation, and in most cases, granted their wishes.

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