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  1. February 26, 2009 at 1:52 am

    I hope someone stands behind this woman, you can’t expect her to face this on her own, I have a heart and will write her a letter, just to show there are a few people in the world that do have a heart. I can’t get over that little caylee is dead and nothing but bones, I don’t know why Casey or who ever did this wouldn’t tell the police something went wrong, instead of hiding this , she could of been found alive, if the murderer would of called in a annoymous call. if this is a casey thing, all she would of had to do was let someone adopt her, and she would of never had to deal with her again!, It is better then taking a life and sitting behind bars for it even if someone would of left her at a restaurant or hospital, but I can under stand being attached to such a precious little girl and not being able to see her alive ever again, I have 2 children ages 14 a son and 10 a girl, I could never hurt them I live for them. I had a stroke and am parylyzed but I can’t imagine hurting or not wanting my kids it would be a sin. and too heartbreaking, to raise them and not wanting them, I live for them, thats it, for now Beth

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