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Casting Call “Octomom the Musical”

The Bang Comedy Studio is holding auditions Tuesday! 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 457 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Can’t make it. It’s cool. The show is accepting electronic applications at

The 10-week run will begin June 19, with performances every Friday and Saturday at 9:30 p.m.

STORY LINE: A fast-paced musical pastiche ripped from the headlines featuring Ccto, Bernie Made-off and many more!!! Must be seen to be believed! An epic for our strange times!

What does it take to play Octomom (Nadya) according to the producers of the show?

[OCTO AND VARIOUS]Female, Mid 20’s – mid 30’s. Funny, whimsical, but not too charactery. She should be able to command authority, play broad range of facial expressions plus physical comedy. Sketch and improv experience a plus. Likable, energetic and at the same time able to be emotionally expressive and believable. Can handle musical theatre and pop styles a plus. Actress who can move.

Octomom the Musical



Octomom becomes Art and did you see her 8 BABY BELLY?

Daniel Edwards, the sculptor who gave us statues of a pregnant Brittany, a pure gold yoga Kate and a dead Paris, has been a busy bee. His sculpture titled “String of Babies” is Octomom (Nadya Suleman) with her tentacles embracing her 8 infants. The sculpture is made out of pink rubber.

octomom by Daniel Edwardsnadya-suleman


Sylvia Plath Tattoos

Tattoos in tribute to Sylvia Plath


UFO Hot Spots

Reported UFO Incidents (1947-2005)

Major Metro Counties (in Red)
1. Los Angeles, CA: 1346
2. King, WA: 621
3. Cook, IL: 468
4. Maricopa, AZ: 424
5. San Diego, CA: 348

Less Populated Counties (in Blue)
1. Westmoreland, PA: 396
2. Saguache, CO: 263
3. Santa Rosa, FL: 242
4. Yakima, WA: 227
5. Rockingham, NH: 183

PM consulted the Center for UFO Studies, which maintains a database of sightings reported from 1947 to 2005. Illinois-based CUFOS gathers data from UFO reporting groups and public records, including Project Blue Book. (If several people report the same sighting, CUFOS registers it as a single event.) For a broad comparison, they ranked both metropolitan and more sparsely settled counties.


Nadya Suleman before the Plastic Surgery

I was curious. This is what I found.


The Stars Without Cosmetics

What happens when beautiful celebrities have makeup free faces…….

They look like you and me and everyone else!


Casey Anthony’s Reaction To Caylee’s Body Being Found

Orange County Corrections Lt. Tammy Unser describes to
detectives Casey’s reaction to discovery of a body.

Casey collapsed in a chair after viewing WFTV-Channel 9 news report about child remains discovered near her family home on Dec. 11.

She never appeared to cry but continued to breathe rapidly.

Tammy escorts Casey to the medical clinic around 11:35 a.m. so she could view the TV and “see what was happening” This is before Jose arrived. The mental health staff was on hand to watch her and offer services if needed.

“She walked into the medical clinic and immediately looked at the TV, which was on Ch. 9,” Tammy says in the taped interview.

After she collapsed, Casey’s hands became sweaty and red blotches appeared on her neck.

She didn’t look at the TV anymore but she could hear reports about the body of a small child found near the Anthony home. She definitely heard all of that,Tammy says.

After 10 minutes, the mental health staff determined Casey Anthony had “had enough.”

Tammy escorted Casey to a conference room where a psychologist spoke to her. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to harm herself, says Tammy.

Casey assures both Tammy and the psychologist that she would not.

Casey requests a sedative and asked when Jose was going to arrive. Tammy told her that she assumed he was on his way.

Casey asked Tammy to sit with her because “she didn’t want to be alone.”

Casey continues to breathe rapidly and talk fast. She doesn’t talk about her case, Tammy says.

Casey did tell the corrections officer that she could not break down and cry “because this isn’t real.”

Casey then starts talking about football — the national championship.

Jose arrives around noon and met with her for about 90 minutes.

Tammy watched the two — who met in another room.

Tammy told detectives that Baez “told her what he thought and what had occurred.”

Tammy then sees Casey “break down” and cry, prompting Jose to ask for some tissues.

Eventually, Casey settles down and she returns to her cell.

She asked to take a shower — she spent about 10 minutes in the shower, Tammy says.

Casey reported the sedative did help settle her stomach.

Tammy said this was not typical behavior for Casey. She has never requested a sedative before and rarely showed emotion.

caylee anthonycaylee anthony

Source: Orlando Sentinel


Casey Anthony evidence photographs released 4/6/09

The State Attorney’s Office released these photos in the Casey Anthony case.

Some of the photos are ones we’ve all seen. Some are not!


Raelene Aguilar: Miss New Mexico’s Mugshot

El Paso police arrested Raelene Aguilar, 26, in the dark hours of the morning after she failed a field sobriety test. She spent the next few hours getting booked, judged and bonded for $600.




Casey Anthony Media Recap

Media Coverage Photo Gallery