The Men Involved With Casey Anthony » Tony Lazzaro and Casey

1 Response to “Tony Lazzaro and Casey”

  1. 1 UCantBeSerious
    July 9, 2011 at 4:28 am

    Thats gotta be strange knowing this guy used to pork this bitch. I know broads like this though. The ones who constantly lie about everything in order to fit in and impress people and then play the victim card as if their childhood was so so horrible that they had to create some alternate universe to “cope” and thats how and why they lie all the time. Now I know that does occur in extreme cases of abuse be it sexual,physical or both, but simply having scream matchs with your parents wouldnt cause a sociopathic-narcississtic cunt bitch like her, or, well, i dont think so at least. I cant say with 100% certainty but from my own studys, I find that incredibly hard to believe. I also cannot say what kind of childhood she had but something tells me (her own charactor) that Casey has been manipulating since she was very young and perhaps her parents did adopt a history of tolerating it, giving in, allowing her to have her way in order to appease her because they loved her, wanted to see her happy, probably didnt want to argue with her and said fuck it not knowing that could or would contribute to her in negative way as her personality developed but I in NO WAY hold them accountable because Casey is an ADULT and is responsible for her own choices in life and she is the one responsible to figure out who she is and do doing moral inventory on herself by disecting herself and working on the things that need worked on. But, when they are a sociopath, they are missing that componant of thinking that they are wrong or that anything needs worked out because they consider themselves above the law. They perceive even the slightest sneer as a horrible horrible injustice against them and ingest that personally. Lie after lie after lie making up the most ridiculous shit ever and expecting people to not only beleive it but considering those who do stupid for doing so only enhancing their belief that they are better than and smarter than. See, I cant even relax around someone like that. Thats creepy behavior to me. Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Because no matter what I would say I did in life, THEY not only did it too, but did it better, knowing they never did it at all. If you said you went to the casino and won $2,500 they did but they won $25,000. If you went horseback riding they are a professional horse whisperer. If you went to parasailing, they are a professional bungee jumper. Thats how Caseys friends and associates painted her and I believe it. Leonard Padilla’s associate was very believable to me. While I dont believe in vigilante justice, I wont shed a tear knowing that she will be heckled and probably wont be totally at peace publicly for the rest of her life. As far as her profitting off her childs death I can only hope it wont be much but Im sure Casey and Baez will work that out because with all these lawsuits coming Caseys way, a body attachment and order of withold will be put in place if she loses the civil or libel cases. Whatever deals she would get Im sure she would avoid having to have any monies obtained by that deal garnised right thru Baez. It would be funny thought to see Baez and Casey at war in a yr or so because he played the middle man for monies and there was a dispute. Ha. I wouldnt lose any sleep over that either.

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