Casey Anthony Case: The New Judge

On Monday, Strickland granted a motion filed by Casey’s attorneys asking that he rescue himself. Casey’s defense team argued that comments the judge made to a blogger showed he was prejudiced against Anthony.

Order on Defendant’s Motion to Disqualify Trial Judge

Orange County Chief Judge Belvin Perry has taken over the high-profile case.  He has been Chief Judge for nearly 13 years and has sat on the bench in central Florida for 21 years.

Perry is known as a no-nonsense, brass tacks kind of judge.  This differs greatly from Strickland, who is viewed as a more laid-back, congenial jurist.

In ten years of hearing criminal cases, including murder trials, only one of Perry’s ruling have been overturned by a higher court.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr.

Judicial Assignments

  • 2001-2010 Chief Judge, Ninth Judicial Circuit
  • 1999-2001 Circuit Judge, Orange County Civil
  • 1995-1999 Chief Judge, Ninth Judicial Circuit
  • 1992-1995 Circuit Judge, Orange County Criminal
  • 1991 Administrative Circuit Judge, Osceola County
  • 1989-1990 Circuit Judge, Osceola County


  • Juris Doctor: Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University (1977)
  • Masters of Education Degree: Tuskegee University (1974)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree, History: Tuskegee University (1972)

Professional Activities

  • Chair, Trial Court Budget Commission
  • Member, Texas Bar Association
  • Member, Orange County Bar Association
  • Member, The Florida Bar

7 Responses to “Casey Anthony Case: The New Judge”

    • 2 michellefrommadison
      April 23, 2010 at 5:54 am

      Like I said before eastwood34 about people like you attacking others they are so jealous of, they often just attack the better-informed because they feel disheartened about their own actual low-kevel of knowledge of the cases they first thought they had a good handle on. Thanks for proving my points too. And, they often feel a bit ashamed about what they had first perceived as a now known falsehood, and rationalize this failure on their part as their own disability in themselves to be so adversely and incorrectly swayed by items such as the actual facts they couldn‘t derived it themselves on their own. So, often these types attack and lash out at others who are better-informed than themselves while still maintaining a high level of denial of proven and verifiable facts and resources they do not understand well enough to properly access to validate it themselves. Many of these people are bi-polar, as a common denominator in these personality-types, but eastwood34 appears to be of a possible compound-issue, possibly struggling with a multitude of disorders at the same time. It’s part of the psychological disorders I have mentioned before about these types of people. There are some really good books available on this topic, and I am working with some contacts dealing with this issue right now to assist people like eastwood34 to help themselves, so they don’t attack others just for being better-informed than themselves. There are many books on this subject that do provide some of the more common treatment-options available to eastwood34 to help to alleviate some of the constant struggles these types mentally wrestle with constantly without treatment. Notice again that eastwood34 still refuses to even comment about anything related to the post-topic, but chooses instead to showcase it’s inability to effectively communicate about things it still knows not too much about. This site is not intended to address your mental short-falls eastwood34, but try again to stay on topic and make an attempt to minimize your open-display of your own inadequacies. Did you see that this new Judge might be a strategic and positive move on the part of the defense in this case? Do you understand why this is a potentially great new move?

    • 3 Venice
      April 23, 2010 at 6:46 pm

      Hey eastwood34! How are you doing today my friend? Have a great weekend!

  1. 4 grownyoungmom
    April 22, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    the Duhfense better get their act together quickly, no more stalling!

    as the saying goes… Be careful what you wish for

  2. 5 michellefrommadison
    April 22, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Let’s just hope and pray that no one digs up any dirt on this Judge, or that he screws up so badly for the prosecution like the last Judge assigned to this case. Justice is needed in this case, not screw-ups on the part of the prosecution or the Judge again. Sounds like if this Judge-change took more than a minute of the defendant’s time, she may have a suit to file against her right to a speedy trial. Just add this one to the many lawsuits expected to come from the defense teams.

  3. 6 Jackie
    April 22, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    michelleisajoke- I love it! Great comment and I totally agree……………..

  4. 7 michelleisajoke
    April 22, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    the new judge is ready to roll this thing……….FINALLY! Is Baez doing the happy dance? I think not!

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