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Top Baby Names 2008 vs 1958

Top 10 names for baby girls, based on 2008 statistics:

  1. Emma
  2. Isabella
  3. Emily
  4. Madison
  5. Ava
  6. Olivia
  7. Sophia
  8. Abigail
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Chloe

The Top 10 names for baby boys:

  1. Jacob
  2. Michael
  3. Ethan
  4. Joshua
  5. Daniel
  6. Alexander
  7. Anthony
  8. William
  9. Christopher
  10. Matthew

1958  the Top 10 girls’ names were

  1. Mary
  2. Susan
  3. Linda
  4. Karen
  5. Patricia
  6. Debra
  7. Deborah
  8. Cynthia
  9. Barbara
  10. Donna

The Top 10 boys’ names in 1958 were:

  1. Michael
  2. David
  3. James
  4. Robert
  5. John
  6. William
  7. Mark
  8. Richard
  9. Thomas
  10. Steven   baby

Amy Documentary On It’s Way!

An Amy Winehouse documentary tentatively titled “Saving Amy,” is already in the works! The shameless singer is being profiled by Israeli-American interviewer Daphne Barak. The film will be released later this year.

The news of this flick was brought to public attention through a post uploaded in her Myspace page.

The Celebrity Myspace blog message reads:

Amy Documentary On It’s Way

“Amy and her family will be the subject of a new documentary later this year from respected Israeli-American interviewer Daphne Barak whose subjects over the years have included celebrities, royalty, world leaders, and international personalities.

“The journalist spent time with Amy and her family recently on St. Lucia and in true honest to goodness Amy style the doc will be a truthful and revealing look at her complicated life.”



UFO Hot Spots

Reported UFO Incidents (1947-2005)

Major Metro Counties (in Red)
1. Los Angeles, CA: 1346
2. King, WA: 621
3. Cook, IL: 468
4. Maricopa, AZ: 424
5. San Diego, CA: 348

Less Populated Counties (in Blue)
1. Westmoreland, PA: 396
2. Saguache, CO: 263
3. Santa Rosa, FL: 242
4. Yakima, WA: 227
5. Rockingham, NH: 183

PM consulted the Center for UFO Studies, which maintains a database of sightings reported from 1947 to 2005. Illinois-based CUFOS gathers data from UFO reporting groups and public records, including Project Blue Book. (If several people report the same sighting, CUFOS registers it as a single event.) For a broad comparison, they ranked both metropolitan and more sparsely settled counties.


Teen Texting/Sexting Lingo

In today’s society kids are sometimes more internet savvy than their parents. This list is provided by They feel it should be added to and distributed to parents with children that use a computer and cellphone. (everyone)

Please fill free to share if you know others.  I love learning new languages!

And for Parents, here’s a decoder….

  1. 8 – it refers to oral sex
  2. 1337 – it means elite
  3. 143 – it means I love you
  4. 182 – it means I hate you
  5. 459 – it also means I love you
  6. 1174 – it means nude club
  7. 420 – it refers to marijuana
  8. ADR or addy – Address
  9. ASL – Age/Sex/Location
  10. banana – it means penis
  11. CD9 – it means Code 9 = parents are around
  12. DUM – Do You Masturbate?
  13. DUSL – Do You Scream Loud?
  14. FB – F*** Buddy
  15. FMLTWIA – F*** Me Like The Whore I Am
  16. FOL – Fond Of Leather
  17. GNOC – Get Naked On Cam (webcam)
  18. GYPO – Get Your Pants Off
  19. IAYM – I Am Your Master
  20. IF/IB – In the Front or In the Back
  21. IIT – Is It Tight?
  22. ILF/MD – I Love Female/Male Dominance
  23. IMEZRU – I Am Easy, Are You?
  24. IWSN – I Want Sex Now
  25. J/O – Jerking Off
  26. KFY – Kiss For You
  27. kitty – it means vagina
  28. KPC – Keeping Parents Clueless
  29. LMIRL – Let’s Meet In Real Life
  30. MOOS – Member(s) Of the Opposite Sex
  31. MOSS or MOTSS – Member(s) Of The Same Sex
  32. MorF – Male or Female
  33. MOS – Mom Over Shoulder
  34. MPFB – My Personal F*** Buddy
  35. NALOPKT – Not A Lot Of People Know That
  36. NIFOC – Nude In Front Of Computer
  37. NMU – Not Much, You?
  38. P911 – Parent Alert
  39. PAL – Parents Are Listening
  40. PAW – Parents Are Watching
  41. PIR – Parent In Room
  42. POS – Parent Over Shoulder
  43. PRON – Porn
  44. Q2C – Quick To Cum
  45. RU/18 – Are You Over 18?
  46. RUH – Are You Horny?
  47. S2R – Send To Recieve (pictures)
  48. SorG – Straight or Gay
  49. TDTM – Talk Dirty To Me
  50. WYCM – Will You Call Me?


Madonna & Jesus: May 2009 W Magazine Spread

This is the where and how Madonna hooked up with a 22 year old model named Jesus Luz. His mother is 4 years younger than Madonna. The details are in the May 2009 issue of W magazine and I’ll show you some!  The photo spread was shot in Rio de Janeiro by Steven Klein.  Madonna has asked Jesus to join her for the remainder of her tour.

Take a look!

It’s lovely.


New Orleans Casey Anthony Flag Dress Voodoo Doll

The latest in a series of handmade voodoo dolls for sell on Ebay. This one has already sold.


Unhealthiest Drinks in America

SoBe Zen Tea (20 oz bottle)

  • 275 calories
  • 70 g sugar

Though the name might scream “healthy” to the unsuspecting drinker, there is little to celebrate about this beverage. SoBe can cram their drinks full of healthy-sounding extracts and vitamin supplements, but they can’t escape the fact that high-fructose corn syrup outranks tea on the ingredients list.

Rockstar Original (16 oz can)

  • 280 calories
  • 62 g sugar

Energy drink makers might feign a level of health by fortifying their products with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, but don’t be fooled: Any minimal benefit they might provide is snuffed out by the blanket of sugar and calories each can contains. Want energy? Try a cup of homebrewed black tea. It nearly zero calories and contains a deluge of disease-fighting antioxidants.

Lipton Iced Brisk Lemon Iced Tea (20 oz bottle)

  • 325 calories
  • 81 g sugar

Iced tea is loaded with metabolism-boosting, cancer-fighting compounds called polyphenols, but Lipton does its best to undo any potential healthy benefit you might derive from the tea’s antioxidants by drowning them in 20 teaspoons of sugar. Your tea of choice should carry no more than 15 grams of sugar per 20-oz serving.

Arizona Kiwi Strawberry (23.5 oz can)

  • 360 calories
  • 84 grams of sugar

These hulking calorie cannons (5 percent juice, 95 percent sugar water) are sold at gas stations and convenience stores across America for the low, low price of 99 cents, making this quite possibly the cheapest source of empty calories in the country.

Worst Chocolate Milk

Nesquik (16 oz bottle)

  • 400 calories
  • 10 g fat (6 g saturated)
  • 60 g sugar

Quik and other chocolate milk manufacturers try to sell parents on the bone-building calcium found in their product, but what they don’t talk about is the fact that a single bottle of this stuff contains as much sugar as three Haagen Dazs Vanilla and Almond ice cream bars. Yikes. Make a healthier version yourself at home with 2 percent milk and a scoop of real powdered cocoa—you’ll save about 150 calories, plus get the antioxidant benefits of cacao without the high-fructose corn syrup.

Caribou Coffee Large Chai Tea Latte

  • 420 calories
  • 47 g sugar

This is exactly the kind of drink that health-conscious consumers knock down each morning while thinking they’re doing themselves a favor. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Flavored lattes—even ones flavored with seemingly healthy stuff like chai—are bad news. Stick to skinny lattes or unsweetened chai.

Worst Kid’s Hot Beverage

Cosi Kid’s Hot Chocolate (12 oz)

  • 436 calories
  • 60 g sugar

While most parents sip their lattes and cappuccinos, most kids sip on hot chocolate. Problem is, few things could be worse for a growing body. There are more calories in this small drink than in Cosi’s Gooey Grilled Cheese sandwich, plus enough sugar to send your kids bouncing off the walls.

Starbucks Venti White Hot Chocolate

  • 640 calories
  • 23 g fat (15 g saturated)
  • 76 g sugar

Caffeine abstainers will find little nutritional refuge in Starbucks’ hot chocolate concoctions. This one packs an entire day’s worth of saturated fat, with more than enough sugar to set you up for a dramatic mid-afternoon energy crash. Stick with the Steamed Apple Juice instead.

Starbucks Venti 2% Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha

  • 660 calories
  • 22 g fat (14 g saturated)
  • 95 g sugar

Important rule of thumb: Avoid holiday-themed items from coffee shops at all costs. From peppermint to egg nog to pumpkin, these are often the most sugar- and fat-packed drinks you’ll find at places like Starbucks. Make your own flavored drinks instead, using skim milk, sugar-free syrups, and, of course, skipping the whip.

Baskin-Robbins Pomegranate Banana Fruit Blast Smoothie (32 oz)

  • 1,020 calories
  • 232 g sugar

With three of the five worst drinks in America, you have to wonder if Baskin-Robbins is in bed with the sugar cane industry. One thing is for sure: People ordering this “smoothie” expecting a healthy afternoon snack have something else coming to them. The second ingredient, after water, is sugar. If you must sip on something at Baskin-Robbins, make it a small low-fat Cappuccino Blast, which has just 220 calories and one-fifth of the sugar of this Fruit Blast.

Cosi Gigante Double OH! Arctic (24 oz)

  • 1,033 calories
  • 35 g fat
  • 177 g carbohydrates

Frozen coffee amalgamations pollute the antioxidant powers of a simple cup of joe with a huge hit of whole milk, sugary syrups, and whipped cream. What you end up with, in worst-case scenarios like this, is half a day’s worth of calories, ready to be sipped down in a matter of minutes. Want a cold caffeine kick? Try iced coffee.

Jamba Juice Peanut Butter Moo’d Power Smoothie (30 oz)

  • 1,170 calories
  • 169 g sugars

Jamba Juice calls it a smoothie; we call it a milkshake, with more sugar than an entire bag of chocolate chips. (Note: We’re pretty sure this is the drink Hollywood actors rely on when looking to put on 20 pounds for the role as a heavy!)

Baskin-Robbins Large York Peppermint Pattie Shake (32 oz)

  • 2,210 calories
  • 103 g fat (57 g saturated)
  • 281 g sugar

The freakish brother of the Heath monster, the York shake earns its title as the most sugar-saturated product in America. To put it in perspective, you’d have to down 15 Twinkies to match the sugar content in this Baskin-Robbins blunder. Source MSN


Casey Anthony: Official Police Statement

Click to read her words. This is from the Discovery Files. Copy of original.


DARK POP-New Show at Last Rites Gallery, NYC

Last Rites Gallery and guest curator Andrew Michael Ford (director of Ad Hoc Art, curator of Deep Pop) have decided to find out what several of today’s brightest art stars are capable of when asked to create ONE piece of what could be considered truly ‘dark art’. Many artists find themselves in a nice groove of creating a certain mood or emotion through their work and have, understandably, become quite comfortable following this path in their art-making. We were curious, however, what would happen if things were to get a little uncomfortable, as the artists challenged themselves to search through new or buried feelings and emotions, the kind which might find their place on the ‘darker’ side of the    artistic spectrum.
With that in mind, Last Rites Gallery and guest curator Andrew Michael Ford proudly present “Dark Pop”: A collection of truly ‘dark art’ from an incredibly talented and diverse group of artists who would normally never get anywhere near this stuff! The results, we believe, are nothing short of astounding!
Participating artists include:
Ron English, Gary Taxali, Isabel Samaras, Esao Andrews, Kozyndan, Sarah Joncas, Camilla d’Errico, Lisa Alisa, Gaia, Chris Stain, D’holbachie, Jeff McMillan, Tessar Lo, Gilbert Oh, Pagan, Peripheral Media Projects, Nicole Steen, Imminent Disaster, David MacDowell, The Dirty Fabulous, Connie Wang, Jaeran Won, Ewelina Ferruso and more!
Exhibit runs September 6th through October 11th, 2008

For more information, visit: http://www. lastritesgallery. com

Last Rites Gallery is located at 511 W.
33rd Street, NYC
Telephone: (212)529.0666