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Allegra On Gianni Versace: Quotes from Rare Vogue Interview 2011

“For years I lived in the dark,Allegra+Versace+Christian+Dior+Front+Row+Paris+fcwIyx5C-fEl “I remembered little of my life before that terrible day. I even forgot what he looked like, and everything I felt about him. Then, little by little, the memories came back… emotions, flashes of happiness, and I was finally free of the emptiness that scared me so much.”

“I call this my period of absence,”

“I was lost in other thoughts and couldn’t confront reality, with my eyes shielded from everything. Above all, I wanted one thing – to be no one, to not be recognized, not be hunted down.”


allegra versace

I’m waiting for this chick to take over the world. She’s so much cooler than Paris.