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Blake is out of the cell!!!

Blake walked free from Edmunds Hill prison in Suffolk at 10am yesterday and was handed his trademark trilby. He will now undergo a new drug rehab program.

He walked out into his mother Georgette’s arms. Amy was no where near! She did pledge to fly home and patch up her on-off-on-off-on relationship as soon as she heard he was free. She feels she was the last to know he was getting released and that hurt her very much. I say it’s Georgette’s fault.

Originally, Blake was sent last July for 27 months because he bribed a witness in the trail. This past November he got out and was sent to rehab, but went right back after he failing a drug test.

Blake was asked about divorce plans yesterday, he said: “It’s all going ahead — but I don’t really know what will happen. It’s just nice to be on the outside again.  Now I am going to get over my drug habit.”



Amy’s Mother in Law

Amy Winehouse’s mother in law Georgette and her husband had an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live on 7/28/07. I think she may be as strung out as her son. I had never read this interview before. Geogrette urged fans to stop buying her music. Someone please clarify. How is this going to help her son. She went on to say that Amy’s record company should be pro active. Georgette, they have been very much so, more than you. You can find the interview at

Here’s what Georgette looks like.