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Articles of Impeachment Introduced in Congress!!



This is a copy of my letter to congress.  I sent at  Super easy. Please do the same if you agree. Check out the link below for the breaking news!


Aug 3, 2008


Representative Jim McDermott

Independence and New Jersey Avenues, SE

Washington, DC 20515-4707


Dear Representative McDermott,


I am writing to demand that you, as the elected representative from my district, sign onto the 35 Articles of Impeachment introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich on June 9. The resolution, HR 1258, is currently with the House Judiciary Committee. Tell the House Judiciary Committee and its Chair Rep. John Conyers that they have an obligation to the people of this country: to hold impeachment hearings.


The demand for impeachment has resonated far and wide throughout this country. Impeachment is not simply a tactic to be taken on or & off the table; It is a Constitutional obligation of Congress.


Paricia Profitt