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The Men Involved With Casey Anthony

Sean Daly, a high school friend who claims he last seen Casey on July 5th 2008.

casey anthony sean daly

Brandon Snow aka “The Snowman” dated Casey from 2006 to 2007.

He last saw her at the anything but clothes party.


Ricardo Morales met Casey at a party in 2007.

Caylee would sleep in the same bed as Casey and Ricardo.

June 9th 2008 was the last night they slept over together.


Jesse Grund thought he was Caylee’s father but DNA results said no.

He was engaged to marry Casey Anthony.


Anthony “Tony” Rusciano is a friend of Jesse Grund.

He lost his job as a rookie cop for lying about his affair with Casey.


Anthony “Tony” Lazzaro began dating Casey in June 2008.

Casey moved in with him. He was told the baby is with the nanny.

Tony Lazzaro and Casey

Mark Hawkins, an active duty marine stationed at 29 Palms, CA.

Casey and Mark communicated almost daily.

Casey told him she was planning a trip to see him to tell him some crazy news she had to say in person.


Jose Baez. Casey Anthony’s unqualified lawyer.

Many think this relationship is more than just business.

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