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New Caylee Anthony Photos released by CBS

CBS News last year paid $20,000 to George and Cindy Anthony to license photos and other material.  Here are the new photos released by CBS.


Remembering Caylee Anthony: Photographs & Memorial Service Details

I don’t think any us will forget. The intersection of Suburban Drive and S. Chickasaw Trail. Say your goodbyes to Caylee Marie on Tuesday 2.10.09 at 1oam at the First Baptist Church of Orlando and don’t bring bags, purses, cell phones, nothing. The church is located at 3000 South  John Young Parkway which is the intersection of Interstate 4, southwest of downtown Orlando. Seating opens at 9am but if George & Cindy do not like you, they will refuse you. It’s their right. There are plans for a video feed for television stations.  Casey Anthony will not be attending the service. This will be the first of two services for little Caylee.The site where Caylee anthony's body is discoveredThe site where Caylee Anthony's body is found.Rest In Peace Love! The world misses you!