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Peter Cook’s Mistress

Diana Bianchi, now 21, was just 17 when Brinkley’s estranged husband Peter Cook, now 49, met her. He hired her to work in his architecture firm. I have been so curious about this Aspiring singer who claims to have a sex addiction and contemplated suicide. Maybe that is what Miss Diana and Peter Cook had in common for two years! Here is her picture. I can not believe what she is wearing. I expected a sun dress at least. Maybe this is the innocent look. Peter paid her so well and she walks around in that outfit. Brinkley made the divorce proceedings public. She has two young teenaged children with this man, you understand why she would make that choice. Imagine Christie’s son bringing home a girlfriend to met his “father” Peter Cook. Or Peter being paid to write a tell all book.

I hope that tacky heart is not a real tattoo. Maybe she draws on herself with sharpies.