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Choose Your Halloween Costume By Your Sign!

You’ll want a costume that says, “I have arrived” from all the way down the block. Aries women can try a lioness when a simple cat just won’t do, and Aries men can wear a bold red devil costume (don’t worry, it’s all in fun and will not bring bad karma). Want something a little more unique? Try going as your favorite mythological character, such as Zeus or Athena!

You’ll want to go for unique and exquisite. Taurus women can try Cleopatra and get a chance to show off some of the expensive jewelry you had to have but never wear. Taurus men can go for a celebrity idol or movie character, such as Elvis Presley or Austin Powers. Try the typical Halloween mummy; that way, you can scare like the vampire but won’t have to bother with the teeth.

You can be whatever you want, but you probably will change your costume four times before Halloween. Because your sign invented multitasking, take on the great mythos of superheroism! Women can go for the most fun costume ever, Wonder Woman, and men can go for Batman, which is probably a little more fun than Superman. Or go for the vampire; you probably won’t mind the teeth and fake blood too much!

For something original to match your Water Sign temperament, Cancer men can go for Neptune, king of the sea, while Cancer women can go for Venus rising from the foam. Note: most cities require that you wear clothes, so go for flesh-colored garments in lieu of actual nudity. If you need to apply your creative talent to something a little more earthly, try a pirate!

Please stop fuming that we gave the cat costume ideas to Aries. They were going to steal it from you anyway. Leo men might want to try something that would be ordinary on any other sign, such as your favorite current sports figure (go for football; baseball season’s done). Leo women can try an expressive dancer with your own signature flair in costuming. Or go as legends, such as James Dean or Marilyn Monroe.

We know you would like all your friends to go with you and dress up as the cast of your favorite Broadway play, but try to think smaller-scale. Virgo men can try an intimidating judge or barrister (think PBS), and Virgo women might want to try period costumes such as Victorian dress (again, think PBS). Or you can try more traditional Halloween imagery, such as a witch or witch doctor.

Libra, you probably started thinking about Halloween in August and have analyzed the pros and cons of several costume types. So forgive us if you’ve already shot this down: biker babes. Libra men and women can dress up in all their leather finery, Harleys and cigarettes optional. Less bold Librans can go for an animal that is more imaginative: fairies, dragons, elves. Hey, there’s no law against being Santa for Halloween!

Now, you’ll need something that’s both easy and cool, right? Scorpio men can get a tux, shades, and a martini and go as James Bond. Scorpio women can grab that evening gown you’ve never worn and go as a Bond girl. Trick-or-treat suggestion: Use either empty glasses or virgin martinis so no one’s sensibilities are offended. The more fun-loving of you can use the Austin Powers suggestion we gave to Taurus!

When you dazzle your friends with this costume, you don’t have to thank us; your happiness is enough. Sagittarius is the Archer, right? So, go as an archer! Great for either sex: get a spirited costume (tight-fitting optional) and some bows and arrows, and go as Mercury or even Robin Hood. You will dazzle all you encounter, but you already knew that.

You love to be cool and business-casual, so you’re going to love this: pajamas! Capricorn men can get a robe and cigar and go as Hugh Hefner. Capricorn women can do pigtails and bunny slippers and go as one of the Pink Ladies from Grease. Capricorn natives of both sexes can try any other movie-themed character, nerd, or cheerleader.

No, you are not going to stay home and hand out candy this year. You are getting dressed up, whether you like it or not. Aquarian men can fashion a holey shirt and shoulder gear and go as the Headless Horseman. Aquarian ladies can get a black wig and your favorite black dress and go as Elvira – movies and popcorn optional. Aquarians of either sex can go for any of the Wizard of Oz quartet.

You’re a psychic sign! Most psychics are nothing like the stereotypical gypsy with a crystal ball on TV, but that’s a myth that is perfect for Halloween! Piscean women can go as Madame Your-Name-Here. Pisces men can opt for something equally mysterious: get a cape and other creative touches to your own liking, and go as The Great Houdini! Rope tricks are, yes, optional.

Source: Msn Astrology


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