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Allegra On Gianni Versace: Quotes from Rare Vogue Interview 2011

“For years I lived in the dark,Allegra+Versace+Christian+Dior+Front+Row+Paris+fcwIyx5C-fEl “I remembered little of my life before that terrible day. I even forgot what he looked like, and everything I felt about him. Then, little by little, the memories came back… emotions, flashes of happiness, and I was finally free of the emptiness that scared me so much.”

“I call this my period of absence,”

“I was lost in other thoughts and couldn’t confront reality, with my eyes shielded from everything. Above all, I wanted one thing – to be no one, to not be recognized, not be hunted down.”


Lourdes & Her Blog

Promoting the line Lola co-designed with her mom, Madonna,the fabulous thirteen-year-old Lourdes Leon has launched her own blog at

From Lola, With Love (Entry From Lola’s Blog)

OKEE, so I read a lot of your comments and I’m like uber happy you guys like my blog. A lot of you asked me what color I was dying my hair and it’s actually going to be like a kind of cherry blackish thingy bobbie. OH MY DAIZ.

I went and saw Shrek n#4 with my brother the other day….Oh my god it was amazing, like you don’t truly understand until you see it. And the donkey is just soooo friggin legendary haaaaaaa. And if you haven’t seen it, get off the computer (after reading this of course), and go see it.

So this week I’m listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack….don’t laugh – but I’m obsessed with it, ugh so good. Be My Baby is suuuuch a redonculous song. Also Florence + The Machine are amazing!! Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are great…two of the guys from her band look like Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.LOL. I recently got really interested in the group Muse, which are like reee-heeaally good. They are BLINGING INNIT MATE (British ghetto talk, its var var LOL).

Im going to East London in the next days, to this area called Bricklane, to get some more vintage – cuz you can never have to much vintagy-thrifty looking stuff. And also in the Material Girl collection, there’s gonna be a whole area of like one of a kind vintage things! HOLLA. Anyway…  so I’m gonna bring my camera to East London and take pictures of cool looking people and come off as weird cuz I’m gonna ask people to like stand still so I can take pics of them… but it will be LOL so yeah.

So I FINA-FREAKING-LY found the sandals that are NOT gladiators. They are black leather and they lace up from the toe until the ankle:) I will show you a pic.Giddy God.

Ok well I have to go and watch the football game semi-finals. It’s Germany vs Spain and I have to say that I’m def for Germany – on account of the large German community in my house.hehe. I have the German flag painted on my cheeks!
xoxo LOLA
PS: ok so the Germans lost :( but not surprising becuz it was just a hot mess. The final game is spain vs netherlands and I’ll prob watch it, some of the spanish players are PFH (pretty freakin hot):P


Art/Fashion Photographer Maki Kawakita

Shakespeare said the world is like a stage in which we’re all players.

Maki Kawakita performs through the lens.


Ann Demeulemeester: Spring 2009 NY Fashion Week

                                    Lovely Spring Show!!!!


Madonna & Jesus: May 2009 W Magazine Spread

This is the where and how Madonna hooked up with a 22 year old model named Jesus Luz. His mother is 4 years younger than Madonna. The details are in the May 2009 issue of W magazine and I’ll show you some!  The photo spread was shot in Rio de Janeiro by Steven Klein.  Madonna has asked Jesus to join her for the remainder of her tour.

Take a look!

It’s lovely.


Top 2009 Winter Handbags

What would you do for the perfect bag?


2009 PREFALL Alexander Mcqueen