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What Britney’s listening to…

As a special gift to fans, Britney dropped MySpace Celebrity a list of her all-time favorite songs.

Madonna – Like a Prayer: I love all of Madonna’s songs but I really love this one because it was one of the first songs I learned every word to.

Prince – Kiss: I always listened to Kiss in high school and it reminds me of hanging with my girlfriends

Janet Jackson – Damita Jo: I love to dance to this song. It has such a good beat to it.

Tony Basil –Mickey: The beat is amazing and its a fun song that everyone knows.

Journey – Don’t stop believing: This song has so much meaning to it. If you believe in yourself, anything can happen.

Journey – Open arms: I think anyone who has been in love can relate. I love Journey because Steve Perry sings with so much feeling.

Shanade O’Connor- Nothing Compares 2 U: I love this song, it is so romantic! Her voice is amazing.

Tiffany – I think were alone now: She was one of the very first pop stars in the 80’s. I used to sing this in my little band with my cousin and bestfriend.

Kelis -Milk shake: It’s so much fun to drive around and listen to. It makes me laugh too.

Elton john – candle in the wind: This song is so sad and beautiful at the same time.

Elton John – Tiny dancer: My parents used to sing this to me and it brings back childhood memories. And I love the piano in it.

Joan jett – I love rock and roll: This song pumps me up. I love that a girl sang this song.

Leona lewis – bleeding Love: it’s such a well written love song that everyone can relate to.

Michael jackson – billie Jean: It’s probably the greatest pop song of all time!

Janis Joplin – Me and bobby mcgee: you can tell that she sang this song from deep within in her soul.

Rolling stones – Satisfaction: I love the gritty rock and roll vibe of this song. Nobody does it like Mick Jagger.

T pain – Apple bottom jeans: I always work out to this song especially when I am at spin class.

Nerd – Rockstar: I love Pharrell. He is so versatile and this songs rock/hip hop blending proves it.

Alicia keys – No One: Alicia sings with such passion and her melodies are really beautiful.

Whitney Houston – I will always love you: this song originated from my idol Dolly Parton. I always sang it in high school.