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What Your Skin Wants You To Eat

Diets loaded with vegetables, beans, cold pressed olive oil and multigrain breads (even better spelt bread)will save your face and organs.

Vitamins A, C, and E and the minerals zinc and selenium will keep wrinkles under control by reducing the amount of potentially damaging free radicals produced by skin cells.

Carotenoids contribute to healthy skin coloring. Eat lots of cantaloupe, apricots, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, and fruits and vegetables that have deep green, yellow, orange, and red hues.

Drink water, it moisturizes your skin from the inside out, helping to maintain its elasticity and suppleness. Skip the soda. It’s really very tacky anyway.



Red Over Green

No matter which color you chose, bell peppers are loaded with age fighting antioxidants but the red ones have a super power punch. The red bell pepper is disease fighting machine with its phenol content. Red bells are also high in vitamin C. The wonderful antioxidant that keeps your skin and blood vessels young.

Try this salad recipe I learned in Sofia Bulgaria…..

>1large Red Bell Pepper,1 Large Green Bell Pepper, 1 Large Yellow Bell Pepper, 1 Large seedless cucumber, 2 Large Tomatoes, Handful chopped Green Onion,

Cut everything into hearty size chucks and place into bowl

Use equal parts of sunflower oil and your choice of vinegar

sprinkle salt over salad and toss

Boil 4 Eggs and cut them into slices over salad

egg yolk will mix with oil and vinegar for a great dressing

add feta cheese and enjoy!