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Michael Jackson’s feeling about Madonna:Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Tapes

Michael Jackson in a 9 year-old filmed interview with his friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach says-

“I think she (Madonna) likes shock value and she knows how to push buttons on people. I think she was sincerely in love with me and I was not in love with her. She did a lot of crazy things. I knew we had nothing in common.

“She is not sexy at all. I think sexy comes form the heart in the way you present yourself.”

“They admire you and know you are wonderful and great because they are jealous, because they wish they were in your shoes. Madonna is one of them. She is jealous. She is a girl, a woman and I think that’s what bothers her…

“I get the fainting and adulation and she doesn’t.”

Michael also claims Madonna was very cold to a young child who approached their table for an autograph.

the conversations were reportedly taped in 2000 and 2001


The Stars Without Cosmetics

What happens when beautiful celebrities have makeup free faces…….

They look like you and me and everyone else!


The Vanity Fair Oscar Party: Who Wore What

Feb. 22, 2009  Los Angeles

 The Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Top 10 Best Dressed according to Patrishka!


Christopher Ciccone and his Book

So this is it. The book we have all been dieing to see is here and the cover SUCKS! the first print run is 350,000 copies and is an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Chris Ciccone has worked with his older sister on designing and directing her “Girlie Show” tour in 1993. He acted as artistic director of her 1991 documentary, “Truth or Dare.”  Madonna’s spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg says that the two are no longer close which leads me to believe this is the reason the book came to be. She went on to say Madonna has not cooperated with any of the biography about herself.