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Write Misty Croslin Cummings: Jail Address

St. johns County Detention Center

  • Mail may be addressed to the inmate at 3955 Lewis Speedway, St Augustine, Florida 32084.
  • All mail will be processed daily, Monday – Friday (excluding holidays). Inmates must send or receive all mail through the facility mailing system. It should be noted all mail will be searched and scanned prior to delivery to the inmate.
  • Inmates can not receive cash in the mail. Personal checks and cash (along with the letter) will be returned to the sender with a note of explanation that the St. Johns County Detention facility will not accept either by mail.
  • Unauthorized packages addressed to an inmate, either through U.S. Mail, private delivery service, etc., or brought to the front lobby will not be accepted. These items will be refused and marked “return to sender”. Any approved items not normally issued by the facility may be purchased from the Canteen.
  • All items received through the mail that is contraband, unauthorized, (i.e. hard back books, items that can be purchased through canteen such as envelopes and stamps) will be returned to the sender in its entirety. A note of explanation that the inmate cannot receive these items will be included. The inmate shall be notified in writing when incoming or outgoing letters are rejected.
  • Any incoming mail containing photographs, drawings or cartoons displaying nudity or sexually graphic content will be returned to the sender. No mail will be retained which is in an unsanitary condition, i.e., contains any type of body fluids, unidentified odors (i.e. perfume, body spray, etc), secretions, residue, hair or any other component of the human body or animal. Any types fitting this description will be destroyed.