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Letter from Misty Croslin


Kim Picazio Email: Haleigh Cummings Case

Kim Picazio attorney for Crystal Sheffield, Haleigh Cummings biological mother sent this email to her associates.

The email dated March 30, 2009, sent out to Picazio’s associates, said , “OK guys – Enough of this bullshit personal crap.  I’m heading to a deposition.  I want the shit to stop – Haleigh is still missing.  We either need to find her, or bring the bad guys to the police to face the capital murder charge they deserve.  So PULL UP YOUR PANTS, BRUSH YOURSELF OFF…IT’S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE.  I wanna see Misty being led out of her trailer by police in cuffs on national news by the end of the week.  THAT’S OUR GOAL. Let’s get this cocky crack dealer off the streets (see below)!”


AUDIO: Ronald Cummings & Misty Croslin Jail Tapes

Sound files as WSKY received them from the Putnam County and St. Johns County jails

Ron’s call from the Putnam Co. Jail

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 1

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 2

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 3

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 4

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 5

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 6



Another Jailhouse Letter from Nay Nay……


Nay Nay’s Jail House Letter: Haleigh Cummings OD?

Kristina Prevatt aka Nay Nay is a friend of Misty Croslin Cummings.

She wrote this letter from jail and has denied being with Misty the night Haleigh disappeared.

White Boy Greg is Greg Page.

Joe is Joe Pytco.

This letter is written to Kristina’s ex boyfriend who is the father of her child.

nay nay letter


Misty Cummings Wedding Ring

misty-coslin-cummings wedding ringmisty-wedding-ringthe-ringhaleigh case


Ronald And Misty Cummings: Wedding Photos

When I was 12 my father had a 17 year old girlfriend. When I was 13 I had a 18 year stepmother. 16 years later they are still very much in love. I wish Ronald and Misty the best and the safe return of little Haleigh.

UPDATE: Divorce is final

See the Docs here:

Click to access marital.settlement.agreement.pdf


Ronald Cummings Church Stops Wedding!

proposalRonald Cummings surrounded by family popped that infamous question to Misty Croslin Sunday night at Chili’s! She cried and said YES!  Today March 12th was suppose to be that big day but Dunns Creek Baptist Church, Ronald’s CHURCH put a disclaimer. When did Jesus get so fucking judgemental. See the disclaimer at

If you feel the same disgust as I do at this church’s decisions to prevent the love between Misty & Ronald to be made legal, to deny the uniting of a family who is struggling to hold on to what they have left and the unknown to come please join me in letting them know. Misty and Ronald’s marriage would be more real than at least 60% of current marriages.  And now, even their church is causing them stress and grief!

Dunns Creek Baptist Church

686 S. Hwy 17

San Mateo, FL 32187

P: 386.328.8650

F: 386.328.7798

Church Office Hours: M-Th 9:00 to 3:30, Friday 9:00 to Noon

Ronald is the father of beautiful 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings, who disappeared  the night of February 9th.

Misty said to reporters that every day gets harder because Haleigh is still missing.

“Everybody’s probably going to take this marriage thing the wrong way but it’s not,” she said. “Everything’s still focused on Haleigh. This is what Haleigh wanted. She’s always talked about it. Everybody will know I love Haleigh and Ronald and Junior, and we’ll be a family.”

Misty is the tender age of 17 so the paperwork has to be filled out by her mother Lisa Croslin.

Lisa told reporters outside the Putnam County Courthouse:

“They’ve been trying to get me to do this for five months now. And I told them you need to wait until you’re 18. But now that everything’s been going on and people have been trashing them, I’m going to let them do it. I know they love her…Haleigh, and they love each other.”

I wish them health, love and the safe return of their daughter.


Haleigh Cummings: Details & Images


If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of
this endangered person, please contact the
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at  1.877.277.8477 or  911

Date Missing: 2/10/2009
Missing From: Satsuma,FL County: PUTNAM
Birth Date: 8/17/2003 Age Disappeared: 5 yrs 5 months
Height: 3′ 00″ Race: White Hair: Blonde
Weight: 039 Sex: Female Eyes: Brown