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Caylee Anthony’s Father (Want to see his photo?)

A transcript of an interview between Melina Calbrese (Casey Anthony’s childhood friend) and Orange County Sheriff’s Office Captain Yuri Melich left us with this:

Casey Anthony slept with a man she worked with at Universal Studios. His name is JP. Casey believes he was the father of her Caylee. JP died in a car accident and never knew Caylee existed. At first everyone was lead to believe Caylee’s father was the former fiance Jessie Grund.

The couple broke up when Caylee was 9 months old. That’s when Melina says Casey told her that “a really hot guy” named “Matt from Georgia” had truly fathered Caylee. We all know Matt is Fictional.  His true name is J.P. Chatt.

JP and Casey had a one-night stand at a hotel near their work place, Universal Studios.

They kept it on the down low because JP  was engaged and already had a child.

Casey told Melina  the same story she told Cindy Anthony and the rest of the world:

Caylee’s father died in a car crash.

Which happened about the time the Caylee turned 2.

Casey tried to hide her pregnancy until about the seventh month, according to the police documents newly released Friday.